I’m a sap, BUT!

To the ladies,

I’m a guy who’ll go grab the moon and the stars for you. I’m a guy who’ll sing love songs for you. I’m a cheesy guy, I’m all about those cliche Korny things. I use those cheesy pick up lines. HOWEVER, only through writing. I don’t sweet talk ladies for their ego to be boosted (hahah, such a funny thing, :P). But I do tell girls the truth of what I think about them. I don’t spit lies to make you feel better.

  Yes, I’m a sap, but I know my “sap-limit” (yes, if this word is used somewhere else, I coined it!). I won’t be all lovie-dovie when I know something won’t happen. Why would I pursue something that seems to be non-existent? Clearly, I’ll just make it hard for myself if ever that’s going to happen. (shoot, I sound totally different right now haha). But, I do pursue something that seems non-existent, only if it’s worth pursuing.

Yes, I’m a sap, maybe even the sappiest person you’ll ever meet. I do all these little cute things just to make a person happy because I think it’s worth their smile. And it feels good to make someone smile, especially when you really like them. I’d write songs and sing them in front of you. It’s rare for me to smile while singing, that’s a struggle. If ever you’ll notice that, that means you are an important person:)

And no, this is not for ALL the ladies, but to one person, whoever that is. But as a friend, I do tell the truth every single time. Why lie? That business is not welcome here. 

I can be your Cyrano. I’ll fill your ears with words of honesty and a little sprinkle of sweets (metaphors, simile, and all that good stuff). I can be your Romeo who’ll take a dagger for you, metaphorically-speaking. As I end this post, I’ll spit a little conceited statement - I’m Awesome. I say it to other people, why not say it to myself? :P HAH. You should too, everyone is awesome in their own way.


P.S. that conversation made me write this. hahaha. 

  1. ofexceptionalruins said: Oh Terrado! :) This is why I wonder why you aren’t cuddled up with someone, it’s such a wonder to me!
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